Product: Soap Dispenser

Client: Lotus Professional

Workplace: Kennedy Hygiene Products

Role: Design Engineer

KHP (Kennedy Hygiene Products) are UK design and manufacturer of hygiene equipment, including soap and towel dispensers, sanitizers and fragrances.


KHP were approached by Lotus Professional to develop a 0.5L and 1L soap dispensers and cartridges to fit within their product portfolio and adhere to the companies strict test standard requirements.

I designed and engineered the parts working within the engineering department, my role involved creating the style the whole product and showcasing how it fits within their range, developing the product from initial sketches to test-rig models through to pre-production batch samples (shown in the images) which were fully engineered and costed, would be used for customer feedback.


the samples were silicon slip cast, using resins which have 80% performance properties of the final material, allowing us to conduct testing procedures with a safety margin calculated.